The Biotech Goliath Roars: Monsanto’s Gang Dumps $25 Million into NO on 37 Campaign to Label GMOs

it was revealed that the biotech industry and Big Ag have already
dumped $25 million – $4.2 million from chemical and seed giant Monsanto
alone – into the campaign to defeat Proposition 37 in California, the
November 6 citizens ballot initiative that will require genetically
engineered foods to be labeled and put an end to the deceptive industry
practice of marketing GMO-tainted foods as “natural” or “all natural.”

The California Secretary of State just released the
latest Who’s Who of donors to the NO on 37 and YES on 37 campaigns.
Topping the list of donors to the NO on 37 anti-labeling campaign is
Monsanto and the rest of the Biotech agri-toxics gang, aided and abetted
by processed food manufacturers and supermarket chains. As of Aug. 15,
they’ve raised more than $25 million to keep you from knowing what’s in
your food. And of course the November 6 election is still more than two
months away. On our side, YES on 37, we’ve raised $2.7 million, with
several million more in pledges.

Who are the top donors on our side, calling for
truthful labels on GMOs? The top two donors are, the
nation’s largest network of natural health consumers, and the Organic
Consumers Fund (OCF), the allied grassroots lobbying arm of the Organic
Consumers Association. has already donated $800,000 to the
cause, while the OCF has donated approximately $700,000 so far, almost
all of which has come in the form of small donations from organic food
consumers. Other large donors to the YES on 37 campaign so far include
Nature’s Path, Dr. Bronner’s, Lundberg Family Farms, Eden Foods, and
Organic Valley, leading brands in the organic industry.

It’s clear that the NO on 37 folks have a lot at stake – namely, grotesque profits. After Monsanto, the top donor is DuPont
Pioneer, at more than $2.4 million. Pepsi/Frito Lay has moved into the
no. 3 spot, at more than $1.7 million. In all, nine companies have
pitched in more than $1 million each – most of them biotech and
pesticide companies, along with Pepsi, Nestle and Coca-Cola.

Total number of major donors so far to the NO on Prop
37 campaign? 45 – all with ties to the biotech, pesticide and Big Food
industries. Total number of major donors to the YES campaign? 18 – none
with ties to biotech, pesticides or Big Food.

Goliath has indeed roared, but the food fight of our
lives has just begun. Goliath has more money, but David, our champion on
the battlefield, has truth and grassroots power backing him up. How
much more will the Biotech Bullies and Big Ag spend to keep voters in
the dark about chemical and energy intensive GMO food? Please stay tuned
from now until Nov. 6. We’ll keep you informed and motivated to join
OCA, OCF, and our allies in this historic battle that will determine the
future of food and farming, not only in North America, but across the

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