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Read MoreOur Beloved Ronnie Has PassedIt is with heavy hearts we share that our beloved
International Director Ronnie Cummins has passed away
in Mexico on April 26, 2023. Ronnie tragically lost his life
to recently diagnosed bone and lymph cancer after
dedicating so much of his life’s work to exposing the
connections of disease and the toxins in our environment.

   Today’s Featured Stories

Imagining A Greater Organic Reset
OCA often talks about our long term goal: making organic and regenerative food, farming, and land use (and natural health) the norm, rather than just the alternative. As our longtime ally Vandana Shiva points out, this would be “the solution to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the climate crisis, and the crisis of democracy.”
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By Ronnie Cummins
Check Your Wine – These 30 Brands Have High Levels Of Cancer-Causing Arsenic & Glyphosate
Van Morrison, the Irish bard, one of my longstanding musical favorites, put things in perspective in a protest song he wrote in the middle of the Pandemic and the Lockdown.
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By Ronnie Cummins
Bait and Switch:
Genetically Engineered Gene-Therapy Drugs
It’s a tragedy that all of us who knew about the dangers of GMOs, genetically engineered bioweapons, Big Pharma criminality, and the threat of out-of-control corporations and the national security state were not organized into a more powerful, united, and militant resistance several years ago.
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By Ronnie Cummins
Regeneration or Armageddon?
60 Years Ago and Today
The main issue that radicalized me when I first became a student activist in the 1960s was war, the actual bloody war going on in Viet-Nam, and the always pending war, permanently etched into the back of my mind, the threat of nuclear war between Russia and the United States.
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By Ronnie Cummins

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