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Stop Toxic Sludge

Toxic sludge is poison

Sewage sludge: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) euphemistically calls it “biosolids.” But what is it really? And why should you care?

Sewage sludge (sometimes greenwashed as “biosolids”) are the remnants from water treatment processes. Municipal sewage is treated to extract the clean water. The remaining concentrated muck is marketed as a fertilizer treatment, and this toxic stew is sold to farmers who use it to fertilize food crops—a fact most consumers don’t know, because food producers and retailers aren’t required to tell you.

Scientific evidence has confirmed that municipal sewage sludge contains hundreds of dangerous pathogens, “forever chemicals,” toxic heavy metals, flame-retardants, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, pharmaceutical drugs and other hazardous chemicals coming from residential drains, storm water runoff, hospitals, and industrial plants.

Most recently, scientists are finding that our food and groundwater is contaminated with PFAS “forever chemicals.” These chemicals are man-made, and used in everything from non-stick pans and carpet, to firefighting foams, and are routinely found in sewage sludge.

The EPA has underestimated the dangers of these widespread chemicals. It’s time to stop the use of sewage sludge!

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