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THE HOUSE yesterday voted into law a bill making it compulsory to display genetically-modified (GM) foods on separate shelves in shops and supermarkets.

GM foods and foods containing GM ingredients, will now be sold with a prominent sign stating clearly that these are GM foods, or food containing GM ingredients.

The law provides for GM labelling in three languages (Greek, English and Turkish), and stipulates hefty fines for non-compliance.

It was passed by unanimous vote, despite earlier concerns of opposition from vested interests, such as commercial quarters.

The passage of the law was welcomed by the Green Party, which has been pushing for tighter GM regulation.

“This caps our efforts of nine years,” said Greens MP George Perdikis.

The government bill passed yesterday was largely based on a legislative proposal drafted by Perdikis. He subsequently withdrew the legislative proposal as the government document has precedence.

Under EU legislation each member state is free to display these foods as it sees fit. The bloc also has tough labeling standards.