Olive oil.

You Can Thank the Italian Mafia for Fake Olive Oil

October 5, 2023 | Source: WSAV | by Shawn Watkins

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Olive oil is olive oil, correct? Not exactly.

On the market, 80% of extra virgin olive oil, EVOO, on American shelves is fake, according to FORBES, containing blends of vegetable, soybean, palm and canola oil.

“There’s so many fake olive oils because of profit. Like with other products, if a company can mass produce an item for the lowest cost for a higher profit, they are going to do it,” said Chef Alexander Mack from A.M. Diverse Cooking.

It is more expensive to produce real EVOO because it requires more time and attention to detail. The process of cold-pressing olives requires more olives to produce and yields less oil.

“I was in Greece, and we have very good friends in Greece, and all they have is orchards of olives,” said Helen Hall, the owner of Le Cafe Gourmet.