What Not To Feed Birds – 8 Common Foods Which Could Cause Them Harm

Avoid putting these food items out for feathered friends this winter

December 15, 2023 | Source: Homes & Gardens | by Flora Baker

It’s easy to fall into the habit of leaving out whatever food scraps we have for our backyard birds. After all, they will be in need of additional energy sources throughout the winter months. But knowing what not to feed birds is extremely important.

While there are plenty of kitchen leftovers that birds will happily eat, there are particular ingredients you should absolutely avoid. Some of the foods on this list may be unexpected, but all pose significant problems if a bird consumes them.

So, before you tip out your unfinished breakfast onto the bird table, check our list to be sure you’re feeding birds in the right way.

From alliums to chocolate, if you’re conscious about how to help birds in winter, here are the most commonly-found foods that you should avoid feeding them.