Time to Mobilize


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We know there are days when the relentless stream of bad news is so discouraging, you’re tempted to give up.

And then there are days when we are inspired by a new wave of regenerative and organic agriculture or when we learn that a community, or even a nation, has banned a toxic pesticide.

I want to thank you for your loyalty, support, and engagement. We will continue our decades-long campaign to educate and mobilize the public.

As always we will expose the bad—how our deteriorating public health and chronic disease epidemic is directly related to our degenerative food, farming, and land use practices—while highlighting the good; how organic and local food and natural health practices can resolve our health, environmental, and climate crisis.

But we need your help to continue our truth telling and to regenerate our politics, food, and farming and to lobby and protest for a negotiated peace, and put an end the endless war that impoverishes the masses while fattening the bottom line of the military industrial complex.

We need farms, not arms, and peace, not war.

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