The Joy of Birdwatching: Research Shows It Can Improve Mental Health and Foster a Sense of Wellbeing

May 17, 2024 | Source: The Conversation | by Jolanta Burke

The mental health benefits of being in nature have long been acknowledged, whether through activities like listening to birdsong or taking a walk in the park.

While birdwatchers are often portrayed as boring, it turns out that twitchers have been onto something all along. A study published in 2024 shows that even half an hour of bird watching could make us happier, healthier and help foster a deeper connection with nature.

We already know that listening to birds throughout the day positively impacts our wellbeing. Even hearing birds indoors, through an open window can boost our emotional state, albeit in the short-term.

The study suggests that not only can birdwatching offer even more benefits than just listening to birdsong, it’s more effective at increasing wellbeing and reducing stress than going on a nature walk.