Russian-born Tessa Lena, aka “Tessa Fighting Robots” is one of OCA’s favorite writers and commentators. Her recent column on Substack, entitled “The Synthetic Age: Welcome to the Genocide,” followed by her Rumble video interview with Ukrainian-born pharmaceutical industry expert, Alexandra Latypova, provides essential insight and practical advice (“situational awareness”) on how to deal with our current crazy and frightening world.

Tessa Lena writes:

“If somebody is trying to kill you—or, at the very least, planning or doing things that may kill you—it is very good to figure it out in a timely manner and do what needs to be done for protection. If your actual reality is such that somebody is in the position [to] kill you—and you are sleeping—well, then your perception of reality is distorted, and, as a result, your life may get shortened.

If, on the other hand, there are no dangerous predators around, and you are in the middle of a green pasture under the blue skies with normal clouds—but you can’t think about anything but tanks and cannons and nuclear mushrooms and monsters—then you might have been extremely traumatized and need healing or, perhaps, you are sensing a different reality and driving yourself crazy. In this extreme, too, your perception of your reality is distorted, and you are spending your energy in another reality and ignoring what’s around you…

Yes, there are times and places with many tanks and cannons and nuclear mushrooms and monsters—and there are also green pastures with blue skies and normal clouds. And the humbling and trivial conclusion is that situational awareness is about being as aware as possible of, uhm, the actual situation—and, depending on the actual situation, making good choices. There is time for carefree sunbathing, and there is time for battle. Both are real and valid. The wise and most practical path is about keeping a cool head and good balance and orienting yourself in each moment, based on what’s around.

So, what’s around?

What’s around in the world at the moment is disgusting. It is disgusting, appalling, and treacherously tragic. The world is resembling a Peter Greenaway movie. The bodies are piling up to the happy soundtrack of disgustingly and confidently misleading CNN chatter—and I want to emphasize that the body count is owed to many things, including but not limited to COVID injections.

I feel very sad about the carnage. I feel so, so sad about the carnage. I never thought I would be living through a time of carnage, and it’s bizarre to even say that yes, the world I was taught to believe as a kid was fiction. All the bright future, being the special generation… all in the trash but instead, I am living through carnage!

For some reason, I am living through carnage happening in slow, ordinary motion.

It’s the gain-of-function research creating sophisticated weaponry that normal people can’t imagine; it’s the notion of “synthetic biology” and the ambition of modulating biological principles elephant-in-a-china-shop style; it’s the attack on human touch; it’s the carcinogens in masks; it’s the glyphosate; it’s the 5G towers frying small animals and human reproductive organs; It’s being sprayed with toxins, like roaches, by geoengineering ninjas telling us that it’s either not happening or, when it’s happening, that it’s to save us from climate change. And yes, it’s also the injections.

It’s the entire thing. The entire thing is carnage.

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