What was the most important thing about what happened over Inauguration weekend? It was this: the renewed conviction on the part of many of us that we can win.

That’s what a half million people demonstrating in Washington, DC and 2 ½ million more demonstrating all over the country on the same day can do.

This is absolutely huge. Without question Trump and the Republicans wanted to get off to a fast start, look like they had it all together, keep us demoralized (as so many of us were when Trump was elected) and just keep rolling. Now, that isn’t happening.

Instead, led by a revitalized mass women’s movement, it is possible to see history recording Trump’s election as one of the last, if not the last, major electoral victories of those who want to move us backwards a half-century or more. Those who took part in the women’s marches all around the country the day after the inauguration clearly have no intention of letting that happen without a very big fight, and there are more of us than there are of them.

This was also the spirit on the day before in DC, the day of the inauguration, when disruptj20 successfully coordinated human nonviolent blockades at about half the entry points into the inauguration ceremony and parade. I was part of the Climate Justice contingent, 300 strong, which turned away thousands of people from the Red Gate, a main entrance into the ceremony, from 8 am until noon, because of the strength of our human wall (one of our creative chants: “You Wanted a Wall—You Got It!”).