Climate Change

From Copenhagen to Cancun: Join the OCA & Via Organica at the Historic Global Climate Crisis Summit

Global Days of Action on Climate Change 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010)

Please join OCA Director Ronnie Cummins and other OCA staff on an escorted delegation to the historic teach-ins and rallies for climate justice and organic agriculture at Global Climate Crisis Summit in Cancun, Mexico.

The OCA delegation, limited to 100 people, will include international experts on organic agriculture and climate justice, including OCA Directors Ronnie Cummins and Alexis Baden-Mayer, organic farm leader and author, Will Allen, and noted blogger and food activist Jill Richardson.

 OCA will be hosting two tours:

*  6-Day Tour:  November 29th- December 5th, 2010 : Hostel $750, Ramada $950 * 5-Day Tour: December 5th-11th, 2010: Hostel $700, Ramada $900 It is also possible to stay for the entire 11 day even from November 29th through December 11th, 2010

 Global scientists and activists including Vandana Shiva, James Hansen, Bill McKibben, Pat Mooney, and Maude Barlow are expected to make presentations at the Grassroots Summit, which will take place simultaneously with the global negotiations of leaders from every nation in the world.

Please Join OCA and in our Upcoming Actions

Global Days of Action on Climate Change 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010)

On 10/10/10, OCA’s climate justice ally, is organizing a Global Work Party to involve people in positive actions in their local communities to demonstrate how we can sharply reduce and sequester climate-destabilizing greenhouse gases and move back below the dangerous tipping point of 350 parts per million of CO2 in our atmosphere.

A worldwide shift of agriculture from chemical-intensive factory farms and industrial monocultures to organic practices could drastically reduce CO2, nitrous oxide, and methane emissions, and sequester a critical mass of carbon back in the soil, where it belongs. That’s why OCA and are encouraging people to spend 10/10/10 working on a community garden or an organic farm in your local area.

As an example, in Finland, MN – the home of OCA’€™s National Office – will be having an event on 10/10/10. The Round River CSA will be hosting an afternoon of educational activities aimed at raising awareness about how the CSA operates, including a tour of the property, energy-awareness scavenger hunts for children and the construction of a hoop house on site, followed by a potluck dinner at 5pm. OCA is excited to attend and help out at a positive event that will serve to educate the community on the importance of farming and its role in climate change.

Please click on to find out what other organic consumers and climate justice activists in your community have planned for 10/10/10. If there’s not something already planned, then please organize your own 10/10/10 Work Party.