Statue of Lady Justice holding scales and sword
It’s up to us. The People vs. Monsanto. @MonsantoTribun&hashtags=marchMay21,ExposeMonsantosCrimes It’s up to us. The People vs. Monsanto. @MonsantoTribun&hashtags=marchMay21,ExposeMonsantosCrimes

When it comes to outlining Monsanto’s assault on the Earth and all its inhabitants, where do you start?

We are starting in The Hague, Netherlands—the International City of Peace and Justice.

OCA is part of a committee organizing a Citizens’ Tribunal. The tribunal will take place October 15 and 16 (World Food Day), in The Hague, Netherlands. A People’s Assembly, featuring speakers, films, workshops and more, will run concurrently. 

The power of this tribunal will depend a lot on how much global attention we can draw to it. That’s why we’re coordinating with March against Monsanto to publicize the tribunal during May 21 global marches, and to promote the largest yet global March against Monsanto for October 16, 2016—the day the tribunal wraps up in The Hague.

Citizens’ Tribunals have a long history of drawing global attention to corporate crimes. While the opinions handed down by the judges aren’t enforceable, they often—and in this case, will—lay the foundation for future legal cases where judgments will be enforceable.

We’ll have much more to report on the tribunal, as judges are named, legal memos are published and witnesses are chosen. But for now, we need your help to kick off a massive publicity effort, beginning May 21. 

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