GM Watch reviews a new book by Bartow J. Elmore on Monsanto, a company OCA and our allies have been fighting against for decades.

As Jonathan Matthews points out, Seed Money: Monsanto’s Past and Our Food Future:

“Despite being deeply researched, the book provides a lively and lucid account of the massive toxic impact Monsanto has had on our world, as well as the company’s unsuccessful attempt to escape its toxic legacy by shapeshifting into the world’s largest seed company and a pioneer in genetic engineering in agriculture…”

Edmund Russell, President of the American Society for Environmental History, says Seed Money is likely to “become the book on Monsanto”, adding, “Anyone interested in biotechnology, or the relationship between corporations and the environment in general, cannot afford to ignore this important book.” Long-time Monsanto watcher Tom Philpott is equally enthusiastic in reviewing what he calls this “wonderful new book” and, like Russell, he sees it as the “definitive historical account.”

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