Rising Star of Freedom

December 15,2022 | Source: YouTube | by Ronnie Cummins

Rising Star of Freedom by Ronnie Cummins

Adrift on this ocean

Parched and Dry

I never thought I’d see you again

Or hold you tight

We had parted to such distances

I’d out run my broken heart

But down every road I traveled

I thirsted for your love.

Sleeping through performances

That once got me high

I’d forgotten how it felt

To look into your eyes

Out on the streets the word is caution

Don’t you become an easy mark

But though the thieves of love may rob me

Tonight I’ll sing this song.

Under this rising star,

Oh, there’s this rising star

Of freedom.

Empty conversations where self-pity lies

Can we stand up to the reality of the world outside?

Expect the clash of love and anger as the Empire starts to fall

We’re all a little tired of fighting

So let’s all stand up for all.

Under this rising star,

Oh, there’s a rising star

Of freedom.

Walking down the avenue, amidst flickering eyes

In this street light world of danger

Everybody’s looking aside

But cross the bridge of change and yearning

Where the neon falls from sight

And there’s a rising star of freedom

And it shines on us tonight

Picture the aura that connects us all

This circle of reunion just before the Fall

And we’ll dance and dance and sing our songs

And renew our vows once more

That in the crossfire of our living

We’re going to hold out for a better world.

Cause there’s a rising star

Oh, there’s a rising star

of freedom.