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Meet Your Neighbor! Join the Resist and Regenerate Movement!&hashtags=resist,regenerate Meet Your Neighbor! Join the Resist and Regenerate Movement!&hashtags=resist,regenerate

Our plan to organize OCA members into local Resist & Regenerate chapters through Meetup is gaining traction. We’re already up to 4,441 members across 264 Meetups nationwide.

OCA members are a diverse group, whose interests range from health, the environment, organic gardening, cooking—you name it. Have you ever wondered if you have fellow OCA members in your own community? Meetup is one way to find out.

To get started, why not host a potluck, play-date, book discussion, film showing, garden club, health or nutrition education group, or a political organizing event with other OCA members in your neighborhood? You can find fellow members by signing up here to join your local volunteer team.

Not ready to host? Ease into it! By joining an existing Meetup or signing up to get a chapter started in your community.

It’s nearly impossible to fight Monsanto and Dow Chemical at the federal level where they can buy off Congresspersons and even the President. But at the local level, communities fighting for their rights have chalked up some impressive successes. Some have focused on protecting pollinators. Others have banned Monsanto’s Roundup and other pesticides fom their local parks and playgrounds. Others have even banned GMO crops in their local regions.

Working in our own local communities, to pass ordinances and elect local officials who represent our interests, is our best strategy right now for taking back our democracy from the robber corporations. That’s why we’re using Meetup to activate OCA’s lobbying arm, which is allowed to endorse candidates. Our local Resist & Regenerate chapters will educate politicians on the issues and organize support for candidates who understand the connections between food and health, and agriculture & climate. (To see what this looks like, check out what we’ve been up to in Virginia.) 

We need you to make this happen! Please join (or sign-up to start) your local Resist & Regenerate chapter today. You won’t want to miss out as we roll out exciting and important new campaigns and action opportunities through Meetup!

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