Pesticide Action Network warns us that the extremely toxic PFAS “Forever Chemicals” are not just lurking in fire-fighting chemicals, Teflon pans, and fire-resistant furniture, but in the toxic sewage sludge routinely applied on non-organic farms across the U.S., and increasing in the pesticides sprayed on conventional farms. As PAN writes: “Like PFOAs, the now-banned chemicals that PFAS have replaced, PFAS and other fluorinated chemicals are associated with extraordinarily long breakdown times — sometimes thousands of years — which has led to their informal classification as ‘forever chemicals.’ The longevity of PFAS in the environment means that remediation is both urgently needed and prohibitively expensive. When it comes to PFAS, there are also clear and concerning connections with pesticides and ag policy…” Yet another reason why health and environmentally-conscious consumers need to purchase and consume organic food today, and every day.

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