Not an Essay, A Letter

Some links to recent interviews that Charles Eisenstein feels quite good about

April 1, 2023 | Source: | by Charles Eisenstein

Dear readers,

First some links to recent interviews that I feel quite good about:

Totalitarian Trajectory vs. Courage. Interviewed by Tessa Lena. I really appreciate her perspective and insights as someone who grew up in the Soviet Union. We had quite a few good laughs.

The Delusion of Dehumanization. I was intrigued by the title of this podcast, which is called “Leaving the Left for Liberty.” I don’t consider myself as having left the Left; it is more a feeling of having been abandoned by the Left. I was prepared to talk about politics for this interview, but we touched on it surprisingly little.

Safety Third. This was for the Wise Traditions podcast, had a really good connection with the interviewer, Hilda Gore.

Covid is a Prism. At long last, a conversation with Paul Kingsnorth, facilitated by Ian MacKenzie. Paul is a deeply thoughtful and honest person whom I’ve respected for years but have only gotten to know a little this month.