After 27 years of marriage, Melinda and Bill Gates are getting divorced. Melinda reportedly contacted divorce attorneys in 2019, shortly after reports of Bill’s repeated meetings with notorious child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein emerged. Epstein’s “madam,” Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested in 2020. Her case will be heard in fall 2021. 

There’s a possibility the Gates’ divorce may be a preemptive effort to protect the Gates Foundation’s reputation and influence should embarrassing truths emerge. 

In addition, Gates is facing mounting criticism for his defense of Big Pharma’s monopoly control over COVID-19 vaccine patent rights and buying up vast swaths of U.S. farmland. 

Gates claims there aren’t enough vaccine factories available to assure safety in the manufacturing process. But there are at least three factories on three continents that have the capacity to produce hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccines if granted access to the technical blueprints. 

Gates is also increasingly being blamed for the introduction of health apartheid around the world as vaccine passports are being rolled out.

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