His love for well-done steak and iceberg lettuce says a lot about his politics.

As President Donald Trump adapts to his new life as the leader of the country, his food choices have remained pretty stodgy. Steaks doused in ketchup, chocolate soufflé, wedges of iceberg lettuce served with creamy dressing: “He basically has the eating habits of someone who was spending lots of time and money in fine-dining establishments in the early ’80s and late ’70s,” said Slate political correspondent Jamelle Bouie on our recent episode of our food politics podcast, Bite.

What do these tastes tell us about the president’s politics? Bouie had some thoughts: “He is someone who does not like change,” he said. “Someone who, you might say, has a core immaturity about him, who does not see the value in seeking out new experiences or even trying to understand them.”

To better understand Trump’s weird eating habits, listen to the rest of the episode above—and then take a stroll through some of the weirdest food moments from the president’s past:


Several years after their divorce, Donald Trump and his former wife, Ivana, appear in a Pizza Hut commercial. In the ad, Trump jokes about secretly eating pizza “crust first” in a penthouse suite with Ivana. “Let ’em talk,” he tells her.


In a commercial set in what appears to be a New York City high-rise, a darker-haired Trump asks a McDonald’s mascot how the company pulls off such a stellar deal: selling the Big n’ Tasty for just a buck. “You’re a man of few words,” Trump tells the purple mascot; “I like that.”


In his book Trump: Think Like a Billionaire, he lists one of his favorite Mar-a-Lago meals as yellow heirloom tomato gazpacho with summer squash and lingonberry sorbet. He offers some dieting advice: “If you eat the best foods and watch your waistline, you’ll begin to look and feel great in no time.” The key to the “Mar-a-Lago Diet,” he writes, is:

“1. It has to be served in a fantastic setting.
2. It has to look fantastic.
3. It has to taste incredible.
4. It cannot make you gain wait.”

Easy, right?