It’s been a week full of victories! One year after the Organic Consumers
Association (OCA) launched the Coming Clean Campaign to establish strong
labeling standards for "organic" cosmetics, the Organic Trade
Association’s Personal Care Task Force (PCTF) rejected a scheme of counting
ordinary water as "organic" in body care products. In a 13 to
2 vote on Saturday (3/6) at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim,
California, the task force of natural body care companies condemned the
practice of counting as "organic" water added during the steaming
of botanicals to make hydrosol water extracts. The task force subsequently
voted 10 to 5 to not count any amount of hydrosol water extracts as organic
until the minority percentage of water from plant material versus added
from steam can be determined. The OCA will continue to drive this campaign
ahead, until meaningful organic standards are established for body care
products. /old_articles/bodycare/