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US Right to Know states:

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent nearly $6 billion on agricultural development programs since 2002, with a key focus on expanding industrial agriculture in Africa. The foundation’s main program, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, works to transition farmers away from traditional seeds and crops to patented seeds, fossil-fuel based fertilizers and other inputs to grow commodity crops for the global market. Leading experts in food security and hundreds of groups around the world have raised concerns about the foundation’s agricultural development strategies for Africa. They argue that a paradigm shift is needed away from high-input, chemical-dependent, corporate-controlled agriculture and toward more diverse, resilient, agroecological farming practices and policies that address social and equity issues.”

On a related front, the World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation and other private donors, including the Rockefeller Foundation, are key players influencing the controversial 2021 UN Food Systems Summit to be held in NYC on September 23. Hundreds of groups are protesting and boycotting the Summit because of the dominant role of corporate agribusiness and agenda many critics say will further entrench a harmful industrial agribusiness model. 

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