Fight the Power—Indict the Criminals


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In this issue of Organic Bytes we’re trying to move beyond just exposing the problems, indeed the high crimes, dictatorial mandates, and outright treason of the past three years, and offer up a number of strategic Action Steps to fight back. We believe it’s time to reignite the flames of freedom and participatory democracy, and supercharge the long process of Regeneration, not only of our food, farming, health, and environment, but of our politics as well.

But OCA and our allies need you to become a Volunteer of America, to spread the word, and help us stop the mad scientists genetically engineering food, viruses, and vaccines, and sowing endless war, zeroing in on the architects and criminals of COVID-19 and the Great Reset. Our education, campaign, grassroots lobbying, and litigation activities are costly, but absolutely necessary.

If you can afford to make a donation to OCA to stop the madness and the treason, please do so now.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

We are under attack. All of us are under attack. Help us Fight the Power…

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