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Read @Ronnie_Cummins' essay: '@SenSanders Joins the Regeneration Revolution” &hashtags=GreenNewDeal Read @Ronnie_Cummins' essay: '@SenSanders Joins the Regeneration Revolution” &hashtags=GreenNewDeal

Amidst all the bad news, scandals and neo-fascist machinations in Washington, there’s finally some good news on the political front: A number of leading Democratic Party candidates for president are putting forth bold proposals that could actually solve the climate crisis.

That’s a big departure from the last presidential election cycle in 2016, when there was little or no discussion of what has now metasticized into a climate emergency.

There was also no serious discussion during the 2016 election cycle of the industrial, corporate-controlled food, farming and land-use practices that are major drivers of global warming, deteriorating public health, environmental destruction, species extinction and increasingly toxic air and water. 

Fortunately, the conversation is evolving. It’s about time.

Read Ronnie’s essay: ‘Bernie Joins the Regeneration Revolution”

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