Soups are one of the oldest types of foods, with origins dating back to 6000 B.C. The word is derived from the French word “soupe,” which is basically a direct translation of soup or broth. It is believed that the first commercially served soup originated in France in the 16th century; hence, the attribution of the name to the country.

What makes a soup exciting is that it can consist of anything you like. That being said, throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot, turning up the heat and calling it a day won’t make your creation a work of culinary art. Soup requires careful preparation and calculation of ingredients to create a delicious result.

In this regard, this ketogenic recipe by Pete Evans truly excels. The base stock used is organic chicken broth, and is further enhanced by wild-caught trout, vegetables such as broccoli, garlic and onion, plus healthy servings of lemon and rosemary to add a wonderful aroma.

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Blend Broccoli to Enjoy It in a New and Interesting Way

Broccoli is commonly eaten raw or lightly steamed, but in this recipe, it is blended to create a thick consistency. This gives the soup a green color and a creamy texture that help it stand out from other soups. Furthermore, broccoli is one vegetable I recommend people should eat regularly because it’s one of the healthiest foods you can consume. It contains vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that all work together to help fight diseases such as:



High blood pressure

Heart disease

Kidney disease


Neurodegenerative diseases