Join the #ConsumerRevolution!

The attacks on our health, our environment, our political process—even our basic right to know about the research and findings of independent scientists at the EPA, USDA and FDA—just keep on coming.

We can, and must, become politically active—especially in our own communities, and in our own states.

But we also need to go head-to-head with the corporations—Big Food, Big Biotech, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Fashion and Big Ag—that are poisoning our food and water, and pushing us to the brink of a global warming disaster.

Beyond GMO food and labeling

We’ve come a long way since 2012, when the food movement united to demand labels on GMO foods—first in California, then Vermont, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Maine. In the end, we didn’t get the knock-out punch we fought so hard for—mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients. A $400-million lobbying blitz, bankrolled by Monsanto and Big Food, saw to that.

But we did make “GMO” a household word. We did tarnish the images, and dent the profits, of many of the Big Brands that sided with Monsanto over consumers. We forced some brands to go GMO-free. We even forced some food brands to label.

We’ve made solid progress when it comes to educating consumers about the health and environmental hazards of GMO foods. But tackling the GMO food industry isn’t enough. We need to step up our game if we want to meet the goals of our #ConsumerRevolution 2017-2020.

Will you join the #ConsumerRevolution?

Consumers have the power to force major changes in the marketplace. If we refuse to buy products produced in ways that degenerate our health and our environment, companies will stop making those products—and start producing higher-quality goods using methods that restore and regenerate our lands, our health, our local economies. The first step to joining the #ConsumerRevolution is to commit.

TAKE ACTION: Join the #ConsumerRevolution. Pledge to buy regenerative!

Next, participate in consumer campaigns that target specific brands, and are designed to force those brands to change the way they produce their products. We have a few ongoing campaigns, a few new ones, and a few still on the drawing board.

Grass-fed Dairy

Companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks and Kirtland Organic (produced by Aurora for Walmart and Costco) misrepresent their brands as being healthy, sustainable and socially responsible. In fact, these companies support a filthy dairy industry that relies on millions of acres of GMO animal feed, unleashes tons of dangerous pesticides into soils and waterways, is cruel to animals, and produces unhealthy dairy products. It’s time for these brands to go organic.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Ben And Jerry’s: Stop Defrauding Customers–It’s Time to Go Organic!

Myth of Natural

Sanderson Chicken is labeled “100% Natural.” But the chicken comes from the worst-of-the-worst factory farms, where GMO animal feed is laced with antibiotics. It’s time for consumers to demand truthful labeling of these and other products.

Care What You Wear

Care What You Wear is a global public education and marketplace pressure campaign to mobilize consumers against GMO cotton, agricultural mono-cropping, chemical and energy-intensive agriculture practices, sweatshops and labor exploitation, as well as the use of environmentally destructive synthetic fibers in clothing and textiles. The campaign is designed to unite consumers, farmers, and ethical businesses to support clothing, fiber, and textiles which are regenerative, organic, natural, and Fair Trade, sourcing whenever possible from small farmers and producers.

End Ethanol – this campaign is coming soon!

Every time you fill up your gas tank you’re filling up Monsanto’s bank account.

Host a Regeneration Meetup or House Party!

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