Michel Chossudovsky, in the final chapter of his new book, The Worldwide Corona Crisis: Global Coup D’état Against Humanity, writes:

“We do not seek to negotiate with corrupt government officials. We question their legitimacy. They are liars.

Our intent is to confront the powerful actors behind this criminal endeavor which is literally destroying people’s lives worldwide, while creating divisions within society. The impacts on mental health on population groups worldwide are devastating.

The numerous lockdowns documented in previous chapters (stay at home of the workforce), fear campaigns, COVID-19 policy mandates imposed on approximately 193 member states of the United Nations have also contributed to undermining and destabilizing:

the very fabric of civil society and its institutions including education, culture and the arts, social gatherings, sports, entertainment, etc.

all public sector activities including physical and social infrastructure, social services, law enforcement, etc.

all major private sector activities which characterize national, regional and local economies including small, medium and large corporate enterprises, family farms, industry, wholesale and retail trade, the urban services economy, transport companies, airlines, hotel chains, etc.

the structures of the global economy including international commodity trade, investment, import and export relations between countries, etc. The entire landscape of the global economy has been shattered.

In turn, a process of enrichment by the elite billionaires together with widening social inequalities is unfolding (see Chapter V).

The massive debts incurred by the nation-states resulting from corruption as well fiscal collapse have skyrocketed. Increasingly national governments are in a straitjacket, under the brunt of powerful creditor institutions. Mounting debts at all levels of society are the driving force (see Chapter IV)…”

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