Genetically engineered food and crops are not the only dangerous, out-of-control biotechnology we need to be concerned about. Renowned mRNA vaccine scientist, now turned critic, Dr. Robert Malone, quotes from a recent report issued by the US Military Academy:

“Recent developments in biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology have made it possible to engineer living organisms. Although these developments offer effective and efficient means with which to cure disease, increase food production, and improve quality of life for many people, they can also be used by state and non-state actors to develop engineered biological weapons. The virtuous circle of bioinformatics, engineering principles, and fundamental biological science also serves as a vicious cycle by lowering the skill-level necessary to produce weapons. The threat of bioengineered agents is all the more clear as the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the enormous impact that a single biological agent, even a naturally occurring one, can have on society. It is likely that terrorist organizations are monitoring these developments closely and that the probability of a biological attack with an engineered agent is steadily increasing.”

But as Malone points out: “The question arises, is this threat novel and only associated with our adversaries?” This is a very important, indeed life-or-death question, given newly de-classified Pentagon reports cataloging decades of US biological warfare experiments/attacks carried out secretly on the U.S. public.

It is now clear as OCA and our allies have pointed out for over two years that the engineered SARS-CoV-2 virus came out of a laboratory, not a seafood market, and that this reckless “gain-of-function” weaponization of a previously harmless bat virus was a joint product of US and Chinese scientists, with a trail of funding and patents, not only from Fauci’s NIH, and the Chinese CDC, but from the Chinese and US military as well.

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