As the COVID Myths Explode, Delusions Are Shattering: Our Exit From Subservience Leads to Nuremberg 2.0

The steady unmasking of some nasty realities is finally infusing added intellectual oxygen into the public’s heightened awareness of the pervasive speciousness permeating the misnamed pandemic. As we move towards the final months of 2022, many open veins of fraud are being unearthed.

April 1, 2023 | Source: Global Research | by Prof. Anthony J. Hall

How many more lives will unnecessarily be lost or lessened in quality because of the lethal dangers still lurking in many dark dungeons of media censorship and thought control?

The increased awareness of COVID disinformation is helping to draw public attention to the onslaught of an extremely aggressive COVID crime spree directed against the largest part of the human species.

Dr. Peter McCullough speaks for a large and growing constituency when he explains the necessity of further investigations “to untangle and delineate” many violations of domestic and international law as well as of common decency. Again and again the COVID travesties are described as the basis of a deep and elaborate crime against humanity. See this.

The main objective of those that concocted the manufactured crisis is the unsurprising goal of amassing yet more control for themselves over political and proprietary power. The planned imposition of mandatory lockdowns on much of the global population was a particularly decisive move in the genesis of the power grab.