Despite decisions by the prime ministers of Victoria and New South Wales to allow the planting of genetically modified canola, the government of Western Australia has determined that it will maintain non-GMO production.

Western Australia’s Agriculture Minister Kim Chance made the announcement: “The WA government’s attitude to GMOs is clear-we will remain clean, green, and GMO-free unless our consumers tell us otherwise.”

Chance added that by staying GMO-free,Western Australia will retain key overseas markets and a price premium. The Consumers Union of Japan, which had been purchasing up to 3.500 tons of canola yearly from New South Wales and Victoria, will switch to buying from Western Australia, according to Chance.

Western Australia produces about 30%of Australia’s average annual canola crop of 1.5 million tons. Because it is GMO-free,Western Australia’s canola commands a price premium of up to A$50 a ton. (SOURCE: Reuters)