The City
Wins This Round in the Fight Againist Wal-Mart [WKLBJ (Austin, TX)]
legal fight against plans for a new Wal-Mart at Northcross Mall suffers a
setback. The Allendale Neighborhood Association had gone to court, asking a
judge to throw out the plans for the new Wal-Mart, because they were approved by
the city without a public hearing.
Rules Wal-Mart Deal with City Not Illegal [FOX 7 (Austin, TX)]
is one step closer to building a supercenter store at Northcross Mall in North
Austin. A Travis County Judge ruled in favor of the city and the developer on
Thursday.  The Allendale Neighborhood Association filed a lawsuit claiming that
the city broke the law when the public was not allowed to attend a planning
meeting.  The judge disagreed with their claim.