We had high expectations for Seattle, WA. It’s been a progressive city when it comes to climate change for a long time and has lead some great initiatives in the past. But we had no idea Seattle would Step It Up in such a major way – – thousands marched through the city last weekend, making it one of our largest events!

We think the major rally in Seattle might have a little to do with our friends and tremendous allies over at Grist.org. They’ve helped all of us from the very start, keeping us up to date on the latest climate news and spreading the word about Step It Up. Thanks guys, you truly are a “beacon in the smog”!

Check out the fantastic audio slideshow of the movement in Seattle and around the country that Grist put together on their website. Over the next few days and weeks, we’ll be brainstorming different artistic ways of arranging the photos from the 14th: collages, videos, montages, flipbooks, you name it. If you’ve got an idea, go for it and tell us about your creation! Step It Up was a beautiful occasion in every meaning of the word and we’d love to find new ways to share it with the world.

You can read more about Seattle and all the events in our April 14 Report Back section.