TAFTA – Monsanto’s Backdoor to GMOs

Once again mega corporations, this time Monsanto, will show the masses that only the "corporate person" matters in the New World Order.

May 25, 2014 | Source: OpEdNews | by Dennis Kaiser

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Once again mega corporations, this time Monsanto, will show the masses that only the “corporate person” matters in the New World Order.

Today, May 24, 2014, thousands, if not millions of people will take to their respective streets throughout the world in the “March Against Monsanto” and their Genetically Modified foods (GMO). People from six continents and over 50 countries, including 400 United States cities and 47 states, will voice their concerns about the impacts of GMOs on human health and the environment.

Presently the EU requires GMO seed approvals that are based on the precautionary principle — that in the face of uncertainty about a product’s safety for consumers or the environment, policies must seek to avoid exposure to risk. Governments have long relied on this principle to shield their populations from uncertain risks from new or emerging products. The U.S. drug-safety system is based on the precautionary principle. Thus, drugs must be proved safe before they are permitted on the U.S. market.

The EU GMO approval policy requires that a seed/crop must be assessed for its consumer health and environmental implications
before it can be marketed. Moreover, EU member countries maintain the authority to altogether ban cultivation of GMOs, which nine nations have done. In addition, the EU and an increasing number of U.S. states have responded to consumers’ demands for GMO labels that allow people to choose whether or not to consume GMO foods.