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Some Illinois dentists are reportedly worried that their patients’ decision to drink bottled water in lieu of fluoridated tap water means they’re not getting enough of this verified poison on a daily basis.

The report, which was published by WGEM News out of Quincy, Illinois, includes so many misnomers and widely propagated fluoridation myths that it would be laughable  except that it’s entirely serious – and probably going to spur some people to unnecessarily think they “need” to get fluoride from their tap.

So let me set the record straight. Your body doesn’t need fluoride anymore than it needs rat poison (and did you know that rat poison is another common use for fluoride?).

While there are many reasons why I don’t recommend drinking bottled water, the fact that it’s not fluoridated isn’t one of them. Many bottled waters actually make a point of adding fluoride back into the water, so if you
are drinking bottled water please make sure yours is fluoride-free.             

Fluoride Is Not the Dental Miracle ‘Experts’ Want You to Think It Is

It’s often stated as fact that fluoridated drinking water prevents cavities. In the featured article, an area dentist stated that if you don’t get enough fluoride when you’re young, your teeth will be more prone to cavities for the rest of your life.

Fluoride advocates, too, often claim that the reduction in tooth decay that’s occurred since the 1950s is a benefit of fluoridated water, but the facts just don’t add up.