Obama Wants to Bomb Syria, but Monsanto Is Already Carpet-Bombing Us

Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex ~ Frank Zappa

September 7, 2013 | Source: Green Med Info | by Sayer Ji

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Recently, Maria Rodale, the CEO of the publishing company Rodale, Inc., wrote an open letter to President Obama regarding Syria, urging him to reconsider his position to press for a military strike against Syria. 

While there is nothing unusual about Maria’s anti-war sentiment, with a recent Washington/ABC poll finding nearly six in 10 Americans oppose military action as a response to the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons, her reference to biotech companies like Monsanto poisoning our children and environment with the president’s support and encouragement, and her claim that the viral Facebook meme below contributed to her realization, caused the mainstream media to fume with reactionary waves of criticism and character assault.

All of this, of course, distracts from the underlying context of the coming war in Syria, which is a war (like most wars in modern history) spurred by the geopolitical machinations of ‘resource procurement,’ and which like most wars, are many years in the making.  All else, as Frank Zappa pointed out, has strictly entertainment value.    

Politics is entertainment, but with deadly objectives and consequences.

If you can survive watching 30 minutes of CNN today with your senses fully intact, you will notice that mainstream media has become fully synthetic, a plastic-like patina shimmering on everything and everyone it touches. Since the endless and unwinnable ‘war on terror’ was officially launched in 2001, news itself has gone through extensive recombinant processing. Indeed, it would seem that the only way to successfully and seamlessly wed the Media, Hollywood and the Pentagon together, and ensure their monstrous ‘love child’ remains viable, is through genetic modification. This is why one must mentally perform constant forensics and/or reverse engineering work while exposing oneself to the mainstream media, in order to protect yourself from the sticky web of hidden agendas and constructed realities. The truth, of course, is almost always labeled as “conspiracy theory” because it contradicts the orthodox narrative, which is so obviously fabricated
that taking the news at face value is no different from intentionally drinking fluoridated water, with almost identical effects.