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We must unite in spirit, but be independent in action because when those in power feel threatened with any real change they will takeout any leaders, denigrate any group and activities with accusations and criticisms. They will call them anti or...

September 4, 2010 | Source: | by J. Glenn Evans

Why bother, we often hear people say when discussions come up about the corruption and crimes of governments against people, our own or our neighbors.  What we think or say means little.  They control the army and the police.  What can I do to change this?

Have you ever watched the power of a flood, or a raging river, or the awesome power of the ocean?  Don’t you know that these powerful entities are made up of tiny raindrops?  Without these rain drops these mighty instruments of power would be helpless and have no power to drown or destroy.

We can be like these tiny raindrops that regardless of the obstacles put before them they keep on their mission to return to the sea.  That can be our way as individuals when we act in unison for peace and justice for all.  We have awesome power that no dam of reactionaries who gain control of our governments can stop.  Let’s get rolling with a united independent people’s movement.  We can sweep the world clean of the injustices and abuses of the few against the many that we have put with since the beginnings of nation states.  God gave us the same power he gave raindrops.  Let’s use it.  Raindrops don’t wait around for leaders.


(Perhaps a future replacement for the corruption so prevalent)

We must unite in spirit, but be independent in action because when those in power feel threatened with any real change they will takeout any leaders, denigrate any group and activities with accusations and criticisms.  They will call them anti or un-American even when they stand up for the rights of the people.  They will try to destroy any movement that threatens their power and position.  Yet topple and replace those in power is what we the citizens of this nation must do if we wish to preserve our freedoms and democracy.

Big corporate business and financial interests have corrupted our government by bribery of our elected representatives through unlimited lobbying and campaign contributions.  Even representatives who truly want to represent the best interests of the people are marginalized or removed from power by denigration and overwhelming financial support to their opposition.  The Supreme Court has given them all but dictatorial powers by granting personhood to corporations.  Mega-corporations use OUR public airways to control the means to manipulate public opinion to serve their class interests.

When the national collapse comes, and it will, they will have the power to turn our government into a dictatorship in order to protect their corporate interests under the guise of national security.  When big business controls our government, then we have already become a fascist state albeit under the facade of democracy.  We are like the cuckolded husband.  The whole world knows it, but we are last to know that our democracy is dead.  It is not a democracy when elections are manipulated to keep a vast number of people from even voting.  Or in cases where electronic voting is used, the system is manipulated to provide the desired outcome.  Any number of excuses is used to deny the vote of minority groups and they get away with it.

It is our duty and responsibility as individual public citizens to take a stand and then unite in spirit and action.  By the independent actions of individuals we can bring about the changes this nation so desperately needs.  How do we do this?

·        We withdraw our support.

·        We become public citizens and get involved.

·        We close our credit card accounts and refinance with local banks and credit unions.

·        We organize our own small businesses and co-ops to fulfill our daily needs of food and other products.

·        We buy locally from main street merchants and local farmers through farmers markets.  We back family farms by buying from them and even providing them with labor help when needed.

·        We work together and see that everyone has food and shelter.

·        We support the creation of state banks.

·        We boycott the products of large corporations, wherever possible.

·        We go green and quit using gas-powered vehicles as much as possible by the use of alternate methods of transportation, including buses, bicycles, etc.

·        We educate and engage our young people and others in civic responsibility and community efforts.

·        We support resources in education for birth control.

·        We plant trees and gardens where possible, using organic methods and avoiding commercial fertilizers and insecticides.

·        We read labels before buying to ascertain country of origin.

·        We inform and engage local businesses in these community efforts.

·        We stop the military recruitment of our students in public schools.

·        We become informed of issues and candidates on the ballot in each election.

·        We hold our Congressional representatives accountable for their voting records.

·        We educate others and ourselves by reading alternate media, becoming engaged in community events, etc. We turn off the television.

Most of us are workers and the working people have the power when united.  A dollar bill will not move freight one inch, but the labor of our working people, is the key.  Instead of wasting money donating it to the Democratic Party, labor unions should buy land and sub-lease it to family farmers to raise food to feed our people.  Food and shelter are the keys to keeping our independence and democracy.  Hard times are coming and a new mindset of co-operation and help to each other will bring us through.  Main street local businesses and members of the community work with local government to see that everyone has food and shelter and other needs that contribute to the common good.  The U.S. Treasury through the national mint should create money and means of exchange, not the Federal Reserve, a consortium of private banks, that charges the federal government with interest on its loans.

The two major parties have been hopelessly corrupted by the influence of big business that not only buys their votes and even writes the proposed legislation or the attending regulations.  We have the votes and we are the working people who make the wheels turn.  Let’s put on our work clothes and rebuild an America that we can be proud of.  We welcome the support of people who have voted for members of the Democratic and the Republican Parties because they have had little choice or alternative because of the monopoly these two parties have forced on us, but we can change that.  Just leave behind that baggage of party and mega corporation corruption and let’s rebuild a new nation.

Let’s educate our citizens in history and their civic responsibilities and skills needed to help each other.  We don’t have to be rich to have a good life.  Food, shelter, health care, and education we can do locally.  We don’t need to go to the Federal government with hat in hand.  Let’s keep more money in our states with state income taxes and help our local institutions.

Boycott the mega corporations that make big campaign donations to our state and national candidates in order to bribe them.  Leaders can be leaders only when they have followers.  Corporations can only rule us if we support their system.  After provisions are made to feed, shelter, provide health care and real education for all, not propaganda, our next objective shall be to build a surplus that can be used for our own citizens in emergencies and to help the citizens of other countries when disaster strikes.  Close to home we can go green and quit using gas powered vehicles.  They either go electric or we quit using their cars.  We can use bikes, public transportation and walk.  Let’s bring our population under control to a level that nature can sustain, because if we do not take immediate steps we will destroy all life on earth.

To become a PUBLIC CITIZEN and member United Independent People’s Movement, we start by taking individual action to rebuild our country in the best way we each can do.  We unite in spirit and promise ourselves that we each will render service to rebuild an America that we can be proud of and can stand tall in the work we do.  We can work towards making our country a true member of the family of nations that protects human and civil rights and stands up against aggressive and predatory nations, including our own when necessary.  Mega-corporations, in their increasing efforts at globalization, have exploited the resources of other nations and their peoples.  The resources of other countries must be bought or traded on a mutually beneficial basis, the principles of fair trade, and not free trade.  We must demand that our government agencies cease interfering in the politics of other nations and assassinating the leaders of other nations who are looking after the interests of their own citizens instead of buckling down for the interests of mega corporations.

Our corporations and leaders who are greedy for wealth and power will never do this for us.  We have no need to ask anyone’s permission. Let’s just do it.  We can change our own mindset to cooperation instead of competition.  We no longer have to put a dollar sign on everything we do to help each other.  By helping others we help ourselves.

Copyleft 2010 J. Glenn Evans

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J. Glenn Evans

Founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a weekly radio show, and is author of four books of poetry: Deadly Mistress, Window in the Sky, Seattle Poems and Buffalo Tracks, author of two novels, Broker Jim and Zeke’s Revenge, is a former stockbroker-investment banker.  Part Cherokee, native of Oklahoma.  Evans has lived in Seattle since 1960.  Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, with Mark Miller, starring Slim Pickens.  Evans, an award-wining poet and in addition to poetry books and novels has written numerous political essays and is the author several local community histories including a history of Seattle’s Pike Place Market and has been published many literary Journals.  Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.