Junk Food Taxes and Anti-Obesity Initiatives

Tom Laskawy
April 17, 2024

Study Suggests Junk Food Taxes May Beat Healthy Food Subsidies
Tom Laskawy, Grist Magazine, March 1, 2010

An interesting new study was just published in Psychological Science, about a lab experiment at SUNY Buffalo that suggests junk-food taxes increase the overall nutritional quality of a shopping trip, while subsidies on healthy foods actually decrease the nutritional quality (via Science Daily).

Can We Stop Obesity Without Taxes?
Tom Laskawy, Grist Magazine, March 16, 2010

At some point, the First Lady, or the president, or someone in
government is going to have to bring the hammer down and announce that
reducing access to and increasing the cost of unhealthy food is going to
be a major part of addressing obesity.