The idea “Good Food For All Kids: A Garden at Every School” has a great chance to win the 2010 “Ideas for Change in America” contest!

Please cast your vote before it’s too late at:

School Gardens Across America is a new social networking movement with the goal of planting a sustainable food garden at every school in America. The idea, “Good Food For All Kids: A Garden At Every School” is currently competing in the “Ideas for Change in America” Contest online at

The contest is for the Top 10 Ideas of 2010, and this idea is currently in 8th Place.

From March 1st to 12th, the final round of voting will take place. Be sure to invite all your friends to vote in the contest at

Ideas for Change in America is a crowd-sourcing competition that empowers citizens to identify and build momentum around the most innovative ideas for addressing challenges our country faces.

The 10 most popular ideas will be presented at an event in Washington, DC to relevant members of the Obama Administration, and will subsequently mobilize its full community to support a series of grassroots campaigns to turn each idea into reality.

OCA would like to see School Gardens Across America’s idea become reality! Let’s vote now and help them out!

This idea currently holds a winning position in the top 10, with over THREE THOUSAND votes!

But it’s still a very close race, and they need every single vote they can get before the contest ends Friday, March 12th at 5 pm!!!