The GreenHotels Directory,
the first online reservation system designed for travelers seeking
environmentally-friendly hotel accommodations, was launched today by a
partnership between Environment News Service and ARES Travel Network.
Now, for the first time, business and vacation travelers are able to
instantly locate and make online reservations at hotels offering
responsible conservation features.

Thousands of hotels have participated in the launch of the
GreenHotels Directory
initiative and more are being added every day. ARES has documented the
environmental contributions of hotels and attractions so that travelers
are offered a way to identify green lodging when booking their

Industry-wide surveys of more than 47,000 hotels have pinpointed
quantifiable green features offered by the participating hotel members.
Sustainable practices provide comforts away from home to travelers and
to the environment.

GreenHotels Directory online
reservation system promotes hotels engaged in green practices, from
non-caustic cleaners to recycling to renewable energy.

“We know that travelers care about the environment and they will choose
an Earth-friendly product when given the opportunity, said ARES
President Alec House. “We also know that many of our partners are
focusing on environmentally-friendly practices in order to strengthen
our industry’s green impact and we want to share their strides with

GreenHotels Directory has
captured the contributions of suppliers and highlighted them in the
online booking engine. From platinum level entrepreneurs like the Proximity Hotel to the diverse line of Kimpton Hotels,
visitors can recognize environmentally-friendly hotels by the ‘Travel
Green’ icon. Clicking the icon opens a summary of that hotel’s
sustainable activities in the
GreenHotels Directory.

In evaluating members of the
GreenHotels Directory,
all efforts by each hotel were considered as a whole in building each
property’s green identity, rather than using a narrow rating system,
which provides relatively few in-depth details about a hotel’s

“Now consumers have detailed information on what each hotel is doing
and can make the decision to ‘Travel Green’ wherever they go,” said
Jenny Mendoza, ARES Vice President of Marketing.

The Environment News Service, with its worldwide audience of
environmental professionals, many of whom travel regularly, recognized
the need for an information resource that would allow readers to find
comfortable accommodations in responsible hotels.

ENS Managing Editor Jim Crabtree said, “Professionals, activists and
journalists working to solve complex environmental problems are often
required to travel to conferences and meetings. There is nothing quite
so debilitating for people working in this field as having to stay in a
hotel that is dramatically over-consuming resources and, generally,
offering uncomfortable accommodations.”

“The problem is so pervasive that we determined to do something to
address this issue. In our effort to bring about a solution, we sought
out ARES and because of their extensive work, formed an instant bonding
partnership,” Mr. Crabtree said. “We are delighted to be able to offer
our readers and the public at large an easily available, effective
resource for lodging that is considerate of the needs of people
dedicated to environmental restoration.”

About Environment News Service
The Environment News Service is the original daily international wire
service of the environment, publishing since 1990. ENS is independently
owned and operated and exists to present late-breaking environmental
news in a fair and balanced manner. Knowledgeable writers and
correspondents file stories to the central ENS editorial desk. Daily
news via email and RSS feed is available from the ENS website at

About ARES

Founded in 1995 and based in San Diego, California, ARES provides
reservations and ticketing technology to destination marketing
organizations, major attractions, travel marketers and hotels. In
addition to technology solutions, ARES provides these same
organizations with travel product and fulfillment services. These
products are sold to the public via the web and through an in-sourced
call center. Visit the ARES website at

Visit to view participating hotels across the United States.

Jim Crabtree
Managing Editor
Environment News Service
GreenHotels Directory

Green Advanced Reservation Systems, Inc.
Jenny Mendoza,
Vice President of Marketing