Resistance to a proposed Wal-Mart SuperCenter in West Dundee continued Monday, with residents seizing their first opportunity to address village trustees.

More than two dozen residents from West Dundee, as well as neighboring Carpentersville and Sleepy Hollow, denounced the proposed 186,000-square-foot development during the village’s committee of the whole meeting.

One person spoke in favor of bringing the store to town.

Though the committee meetings typically exclude public comments, Village President Larry Keller permitted audience participation on the Wal-Mart agenda item.

“We want to hear your comments,” Keller told the audience before opening the floor to public comments. “Oftentimes it seems that things are a done deal. That is not necessarily the case. There are some things we can do, and there are some things we can’t do.”

The world’s largest retailer has proposed a SuperCenter at the corner of Huntley Road and Elm Avenue on the outskirts of Spring Hill Mall.

Wal-Mart’s proposed store will include a general merchandise section and full-service grocery store, a garden center and a drive-through pharmacy.

Though the proposed 31-acre site was zoned for a regional retailer such as Wal-Mart in 2000, dozens of residents have spoken out against the development near the Tartans Glen subdivision.

Residents say the development, which would occupy a parcel of land first zoned for a Meijer store in 2000, does not suit the community’s image and would increase traffic, as well as crime.

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