Dear Everyone,

For all of you who have not yet watched the documentary “Zeitgeist” I truly urge you to do so.  It runs about 2 hours in length and you can watch it for FREE on the internet!  Just go to and click “play”…that’s all you have to do.  And, if you prefer to watch it on your television, you can order the DVD from that same website for only $5, plus $2 for S&H…just $7…that’s all!

Basically, the film has 3 segments:  Part I is about the origin of Judeo-Christian Religions; Part II is about 9/11; and Part III is about the history of the Federal Reserve Bank.  The theories and/or facts presented may be distasteful to some…or mind-blowing and eye-opening to others…as it was for me.  It’s certainly not for those do not want to subject themselves to other schools of thought or to those who wish to keep their belief systems in tact…in fact…it may destroy your beliefs altogether.

For those of you who may be offended by this film…I apologize…that is not my intention.  However, if you wish to ward off offensiveness, I suggest that you never leave your home…never turn on the radio…nor the T.V….nor go on the Internet…nor read a newspaper or magazine or book…for I find the world to be filled with offensive and alarming acts, words, and deeds.  If one only wishes to only be subjected to things that they believe or prefer, then I suggest they cover their eyes and ears, and go through life blissfully in ignorance.

My sensibilities are such that I prefer to see beauty around me…in nature…in a rainbow or butterfly or flower…in my cats purring or wanting to be held…in music and dance and art…in a friend phoning me or sending me a card…or watching a comedy that makes my eyes tear.  However, the reality of this world is that there will always be good and bad…and such is life!  I prefer to hear the truth, no matter how absurd or damaging it may be…that’s just me.

If you are afraid that this film may change your view of the world…our religions…our government…our economy…or our future…then don’t watch it.  However, if you are inclined to learn about different ways of thinking…regardless of how you may feel afterward…then please watch Zeitgeist and let me know your thoughts.  I aspire to be objective and open minded about any and all information I receive…whether I read it, hear it, or watch it…and to me, this film is completely truthful; whether I wish it to be or not.

In any case, this film will definitely give you food for thought about our civilization…and how the few who hold all the cards have systematically created a sense of fear and powerlessness in the rest of us…throughout the ages…and currently.  Of course, this is complete and utter nonsense…because we are very powerful beings…individually and collectively…and as long as there are those who wish to suppress our ability to control our own lives, then it becomes our responsibility to do something about it!

Knowledge is Power…but it’s what you DO with that knowledge that makes all the difference!!

Peace be with you, Dr. Cindy

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