Activists with “Jail Fauci” T-Shirts Crash Hearing on Covid Origins. Representatives Bicker and Blame China While Minimizing Scrutiny to US Institutions.

Democrats act as though they didn’t stall investigation. Republicans blame Democrats without invoking subpoena power. Witnesses blame China and minimize scrutiny of dangerous US lab work.

April 18, 2023 | Source: husseini | by Sam Husseini

The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic held a hearing on Tuesday: “Investigating the Origins of COVID-19, Part 2: China and the Available Intelligence”. It was not an actual investigation, rather it just gave airing to views of different parts of US spook agencies, the “intelligence community” that all finger China and minimize scrutiny of US institutions.

We’ve had years of people saying ridiculous things in the name of “science”. Now we have people saying convenient things in the name of “intelligence” and “truth”.

There were serious problems with what was being said by most speakers. The only ones who came out looking good were some activists who crashed the hearing wearing “Jail Fauci” t-shirts. The activists were Sue Wheaton, Kathy Boylan and John Kelly. At least some of them are associated with the grassroots Citizens’ Covid Origin Inquiry — see the group’s website: Kelly for a time ironically wore a “Jail Fauci” mask as well.