3 Savory Snacks You Can Eat All Winter While Staying Fit, According To A Dietitian

November 20, 2023 | Source: She Finds | by Faith Geiger

Staying fit doesn’t have to mean giving up on snacks completely. Of course, it’s important to limit your intake of salt-loaded, low-fiber processed foods if a healthier body is your goal. But luckily, there are plenty of nutritious options out there that can keep you satiated, satisfy your cravings, and help you reach your dream body. It’s all about making smart swaps and enjoying your snacks in moderation.

To discover a few of the best savory snacks out there that can support you on your fitness journey, we spoke to Michelle Saari, RD MSc, health and nutrition specialist at eHealth Project. She told us that kale chips, edamame, and air-popped popcorn are three fantastic choices. Find all of her expert insight about the benefits of these snacks below.