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Why is Whole Foods buying chocolate from Hershey’€™s – a company that exploits children for profit? According to a U.S. Government-funded study, over 1.8 million children work in West Africa’€™s cocoa industry. Many of these children are exposed to dangerous working conditions and some are even trafficked and sold off to perform grueling labor.

Every major chocolate maker has agreed to make a major commitment to sourcing ethical chocolate, but Hershey’€™s ‘€“ the maker of Dagoba and Scharffenberger – refuses to budge.

In August, a coalition of grocery stores called on Hershey’€™s to commit to using ethically sourced cocoa. Unfortunately, Whole Foods refused to sign the coalition’€™s appeal. Surprised? You shouldn’€™t be. After all, UNFI, Whole Foods primary supplier, wants to force its employees who perform dangerous warehouse work to accept unfair compensation in spite of posting record profits.

It’€™s time for Whole Foods and UNFI to respect workers’€™ rights and join other natural food stores in pointing out to Hershey’€™s that ethically sourcing a small amount of the company’€™s overall chocolate does not erase the fact that most of Hershey’€™s profits are earned at the expense of children.

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