WHO Update: Medical Freedom Still in Peril

A lot has been happening behind the closed doors of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) bureaucracy as it seeks to be the global puppet master in a future pandemic. We need to keep fighting to preserve our freedoms.

April 26, 2024 | Source: Alliance for Natural Health

As we approach the May 18-22 meeting of the World Health Assembly, health bureaucrats are busy at work revising and amending both the IHR amendments and the Pandemic Treaty.

Though these drafts have gone through revisions, we can’t lose sight of the main point. What we’re witnessing is an attempt to double down on many of the bad ideas that characterized the response to the COVID pandemic. If the WHO gets its way, it will be medicine by diktat, and you can kiss your freedoms goodbye during the next pandemic…whenever the WHO Director-General decides that is.

IHR Amendments – different words, same old story

new draft of the IHR amendments was released a few days ago. A number of the proposed amendments that were most contentious (that we discussed in previous coverage) have been dropped—particularly the change in Article 1 that turned non-binding WHO recommendations into binding orders. But don’t get too excited. The new text is still full of amendments aimed at compelling states to follow the WHO’s orders. This is done by changing “should” to “shall” in key parts of the text, as well as adding new sections compelling states to certain actions.