What You Need To Know about the New International Health Regulation Amendments

June 4, 2024  |  by Alexis Baden-Mayer
Organic Consumers Association

This week, the World Health Organization cemented its illegitimate global power over pandemics when the World Health Assembly adopted amendments to the International Health Regulations, an international agreement to implement global medical tyranny, including vaccine passports.

Even before the amendments, the International Health Regulations were a dystopian nightmare. Now they’re even worse.

Before the amendments, a “pandemic emergency” was a disease outbreak with “wide geographical spread,” “exceeding the capacity of health systems,” and “causing economic disruption.”

Now, just the “risk” of these problems can be treated as an “emergency”!

The amendments also made two additions to the list of health products needed for pandemic emergencies: 

  • “vector control products,” and
  • “cell- and gene-based therapies, and other health technologies”

“Vector control products” is the buzzword for pesticides and other means of controlling insects that are disease vectors, including releasing hundreds of millions of lab-engineered mosquitoes.

Bill Gates is a major funder of the World Health Organization and a major funder of genetically engineered mosquitoes, which are supposedly a form of “vector control,” but are actually causing a surge in diseases like dengue.

“Cell- and gene-based therapies” is what the mRNA “vaccines” are, but we should wonder what else the pharmaceutical companies might mean by this, given that they had no qualms about calling cell-hijacking, gene-editing jabs “vaccines.”

One idea that’s been floated recently in the midst of the bird flu (that the World Health Organization hasn’t yet declared a “pandemic emergency”) is to genetically engineer farm animals to be resistant to disease. Expect this to be a new money-making venture for pandemic “prevention” profiteers.

But, does it work? 

Not so well.

“Disease-resistant” chickens have proven to be ideal hosts in which the virus can evolve to replicate more efficiently in human cells. (A feature, not a bug?)

And, genetically engineering chickens for disease resistance damages them in other ways. The more “disease-resistant” the chickens are, the less likely they are to live. 

Jonathan Latham, executive director of the Bioscience Resource Project, who has a master’s degree in crop genetics and a Ph.D. in virology, told Children’s Health Defense that if they eliminated all three genes that make chickens susceptible to the bird flu, “the chicken would be dead.”


Dr. Tess Laurie and James Roguski explain the new International Health Regulations amendments 


Tell your state legislators to reject the World Health Organization’s pandemic power-grab!

Tell Congress to treat these pandemic amendments as a treaty… no approval without a two-thirds vote of the Senate!

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