When Michelle Obama speaks, the media listens. And listen they did on February 27, when Mrs. Obama went to bat for the FDA’€™s proposed new-and-improved rules for labels on food.

What should consumers expect? More realistic (as in larger) serving sizes. Calorie counts in bigger and bolder type. Out with Vitamin A and in with Vitamin D and potassium.

What won’€™t you see on the new labels? Any mention of whether or not your food purchase contains GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

It’€™s great the Mrs. Obama is championing better nutrition for kids. But no discussion of better nutrition, better health, better food and better food labels is even remotely complete without addressing consumers’€™ number one food policy concern: GMOs.

In 2012 we launched a petition asking Mrs. Obama to remind President Obama of his 2007 campaign promise to label GMOs. She ignored our more than 207,000 petitions. And President Obama has done nothing to honor his promise.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Michelle Obama: Consumers Want Labels on Genetically Modified Foods!

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