Well Worth the Read

Well Worth the Read


What does a former high-level biotech researcher do when he becomes disenchanted with the biotech industry?

Toby Hemenway turned to permaculture. And writing. Now, his latest book, “The Permaculture City,” is not only available for purchase, but available to Organic Bytes readers at a 35-percent discount.

We love this book because it isn’t just about permaculture techniques (which are great, by the way). “The Permaculture City” is about so much more. Hemenway connects the dots between growing healthy food, and strengthening communities, economies and cultures.

“The Permaculture City” provides a new way of thinking about urban living, with practical examples for creating abundant food, energy security, close-knit communities, local and meaningful livelihoods, and sustainable policies in our cities and towns. The same nature-based approach that works so beautifully for growing food—connecting the pieces of the landscape together in harmonious ways—applies perfectly to many of our other needs.

Hemenway’s new book is well worth the read. And thanks to this exclusive offer from the publisher, Chelsea Green, you can pay 35 percent less for your copy of “The Permaculture City.” Just plug in this code—OCA35—in the box titled “Discount Codes.”

Order the book and get 35 percent off with this code: OCA35 

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