Thanks to you, it’€™s been a great month. And it’€™s going to be an even greater year.

You’€™ve made our Traitor Brands boycott so successful that companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola and others are signaling that they’€™ve had enough. This month, they secretly met with the FDA to say, “Look, we’€™re losing the public relations war. We’€™re done contributing millions to defeat mandatory GMO labeling laws. Let’€™s put these laws in place, just like they’€™re in place in 61 other countries where we’€™re already required to label ‘€“ or remove ‘€“ GMO ingredients.” The OCA considers this a major victory for the GMO labeling fight. Because history tells us that when Big Food breaks with Big Biotech, consumers win. But this is not just our victory, it’€™s yours, too. We couldn’€™t have done it without your time, your signatures, your energy and your dollars.

We’€™re also making fast headway on our campaign to educate the public about the devastating impact on our air, our water, our health and the welfare of animals caused by law-avoiding, reckless and inhumane factory farms – or as the industry prefers to call them, Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Our story last week about corporations writing state laws to prevent undercover investigations at factory farms was published on numerous websites and reached over a million readers. Our previous article about why we need labels on factory-farmed meat, eggs and dairy also traveled far and wide on the Internet. It evoked thousands of responses from people who realize that once folks know the truth about CAFOs, and once we require truth and transparency in labeling, we’€™re on our way to a healthier, kinder, more sustainable society.

We love doing this work. And we know that it wouldn’€™t be possible without you. So, thank you. And please keep us going with your generous donations.
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