We Asked Allan Savory How We Could Locally Reverse Desertification?

May 27, 2024 | Source: Captain Forest | by Lamiaa Biaz

Desertification, characterized by land degradation resulting in the transformation into desert-like conditions, poses a significant threat to urban societies, the global economy, and various industries, as noted by Allan Savory.

Despite its severity, this phenomenon remains poorly grasped, often subject to misconceptions and oversimplified remedies. This interview with Allan Savory explores desertification and how livestock and herbivores could help reverse it.

Allan Savory highlights that as our understanding of desertification deepens, it becomes evident that dependence on technology and fire only worsens the situation without offering solutions. If neither fire nor technology can effectively tackle the desertification issue, and humans lack alternative tools for environmental management, what alternative approaches could reverse desertification?

Allan Savory, a renowned ecologist and founder of the Savory Institute, has dedicated his life to understanding and solving the problem of biodiversity loss, which, among other factors, is fueling climate change by leading to desertification over most of Earth’s land area.