Volunteer – Ask Your Organic Retailer or Market to Endorse Prop 37, the California Ballot Initiative to Label GMO Foods!

OCA is asking the organic community to volunteer – in California and nationwide – to approach the manager or owner of the retail store, CSA, food co-op, restaurant or farmer’s market where you regularly buy your organic food and ask them to join the more than 100 retail stores and coops that have already publicly endorsed Prop 37, the California Ballot Initiative to label genetically engineered foods and ban the routine industry practice of marketing GMO-tainted foods as "natural." We need thousands of volunteers to ask their local health food stores to endorse Prop 37, distribute our educational materials for their customers, and donate to the California Right to Know campaign. Please be a part of this historic initiative!

Hundreds have already signed up in the last week, but the CA campaign needs everyone’s help! Please sign up here to volunteer and we will contact you and supply you with endorsement posters, educational flyers and instructions for endorsing and collecting donations.

Read Ronnie Cummins’ Open Letter to the Organic Community here

Please sign up here to volunteer!